Consumer Testimonials

"I recently completed chemo therapy and radiation for the treatment of breast cancer at the age of 63.

I lost my hair, eye brows and all of my eyelashes. It is traumatic for me and others to see. Through a close friend I heard about a new product on the market that would regrow your lashes with no side effects and was safe for use after chemo. My own lashes had started to grow back very sparsely. After starting this product,, I saw my lashes getting thicker and stronger daily. Today I have better lashes than ever before thanks to this new product."

– Sandra
Dallas, TX

"I am so happy with the results I’ve received. I wasn’t able to get a good ‘before’ picture but I had sparse eyebrows and the center of my eyelashes were completely bald with just a few lashes on the inside and outside corners. The lashes have grown in as well as the eyebrows and they seem to be staying. (They have grown in before only to fall out quickly). I have lashes and that’s what counts!

Thank you for letting me try it."

– Shirley
Dallas, TX

"WOW!! Does your eyelash product ever work. I saw Shirley today at our board meeting and she has a full set of eyelashes and eyebrows. When we gave her the product to try she had maybe three or four strands above each eye. They are now fully developed for both eyes and look fantastic. It really does work."

– Michael
Dallas, TX

"Before I started using the brow serum, I had little bald areas in my brow line and I had a lot of thinning on the outer edges of my brows. After about 6 weeks of use, I noticed those bald spots filing in and more density in the brow hair overall. Now, 2 months later, I don't see any bald areas and I can go out of the house without filling in my brows with powders or pencils."

– Karen
Long Beach, CA

"I wasn't sure what to think when I first tried Brow Booster since I am Asian and was born with light brows and short lashes. But after a couple of weeks I did start to notice growth and fullness. I am so excited... I never thought I would have full lashes and brows!!! No more shading in eyebrows!"

– Christine
Los Angeles, CA

"I Love it! I put the Lash Serum on both my top and lower lashes. I noticed growth on the bottom lashes immediately. I never really had them before. Now I wear mascara on the new growth and I have to say it makes a huge difference. My top lashes grew too. They are longer and there are definitely more of them. I feel like my lashes are one of my best features now! I don’t know if it’s true, but I feel like it works faster when I use it morning and night."

– Kate
Los Angeles, CA

"I’ve tried so many different types of lash growth, and this really works! I normally hate wearing makeup but I felt like I had to wear mascara before. Now I don’t need to! I put the serum on in the morning after I shower and at night after I wash my face. It’s so easy and the results are amazing. Thank you!"

– Anne
North Hollywood, CA

"I am a redhead and literally do not have eyebrows. I have always had to pencil them in. I was hopeful when I was invited to try but I figured it wouldn’t work. Yeah! It’s official, I now have eyebrows! I am using the Lash Serum now and I can already see growth on my lower lashes. I am hooked for life!"

– Rusty
Topanga Canyon, CA