30% unique lipo-peptides to combat sparse, short, or damaged lashes and brows

Codeai: Cracking the Code

A truly efficacious (capable of delivering the intended results) product must contain one or more beneficial ingredients at the correct percentage level to be effective. The beneficial ingredients must be contained in a safe and stable formula that is capable of delivering the ingredients appropriately to the skin. Meeting all of these rigid standards is difficult and often costly. The end result is countless skincare products that make claims but fall short on delivering their promises.

Clue: code.ai is based on the application of the most efficacious ingredients available to produce visible results. We use the recommended percentage levels of beneficial ingredients to deliver luxury, problem-solving products.

Deciphering the Code

What are efficacious ingredients?

In order for ingredients to have a truly efficacious (capable of delivering the intended results) effect, they must have the ability to work with your skin or hair to produce the desired effect of restoring, revitalizing, and renewing the appearance.

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Performance Percentage Levels

For true performance, the beneficial ingredients must be concentrated at the correct percentage level to produce specifically desired results. Because efficacious ingredients and the research and testing surrounding them tend to be costly, many products in the marketplace only include trace amounts (.01%) in order to make marketing claims. This means there may not be enough of the ingredient present in the formula to actually produce the desired results.

CLUE: Code.ai products contain comparatively high levels of efficacious ingredients ranging from 12-30% depending on the appropriate percentage levels.

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Quality Combinations

Product performance is also dependant on the quality of the accompanying ingredients in the formula. Do they assist in stabalizing the formula and help maintain the shelf life of the active ingredients? Do they produce some type of skin benefit? Interfering ingredients could be potentially harmful to the skin, by causing things such as allergic reactions, irritation or dehydration.

CLUE: Look for formulas that are paraben free, and contain beneficial ingredients known to have conditioning, and reparative properties. Our products are non-irritating and hypoallergenic.

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Effective Delivery System

In order for the product to produce results, the efficacious ingredients must be delivered effectively. In many cases ingredients are not capable of properly absorbing into the skin on their own and require some type of special delivery system.

CLUE: Many hair and skincare products contain water-soluble peptides. Due to skin’s naturally high oil content, water-soluble peptides are not immediately compatible with the skin surface. The lipo-peptides found in code.ai’s Myriplex Technology™ have a lipid tail, making them compatible with the oil in the skin’s surface. This biocompatible lipid tail allows for absorption without the need for a delivery system.

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The Truth Behind the Claims

Many products claim to have efficacious ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, vitamin C, grape seed and others known to deliver results. How do you know how much is in the formula and if the product really works? You don’t!

THE TRUTH: Just because an ingredient is listed on the packaging doesn’t mean it works. It could be just enough for marketing claims and not enough to be truly effective!

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