This study was conducted with a variety of woman of all age groups with one thing in common, they wanted to enhance the appearance of their lashes and brows. See the results below. Real woman with real results.

kay example

“One week after chemo, my lashes were gone and the last of my eyebrows were about to disappear, too. Wigs and scarves can’t help here.”

“It was such a relief to have them start growing back so quickly.”

“My lashes are longer and thicker than ever and my eyebrows are back, too. My face looks normal again.”

“My eyelashes and eyebrows fell out shortly after I finished chemotherapy. It was one of the most disheartening side effects of my entire cancer treatment. I looked so sickly at a time when I desperately wanted to feel strong and healthy. When I started using, I was thrilled that my lashes and brows came back quickly and beautifully. My lashes look better than ever, and I am grateful to need to get my brows waxed now! is easy to use and I like the fact that you don’t need a doctor’s prescription – I’ve certainly had enough of those.”

treasure expamle

"This product gave me fast results with no irritation, I am very pleased!"

maggie expamle

"This is my new 'can't live without' product! After years of lash extensions has restored my lashes back to their original thickness. The compliments I receive daily makes me smile! I am proud to tell everyone my 'secret' to my amazing natural lashes thanks to your product."

renee expamle

"Testing the lash product was not a pain or nuisance as you might expect. Instead, I got longer thicker lashes and never did a thing except use your product. Now I often leave the house without applying mascara and I love waking up in the mornings without black smudges under my eyes. I never believed I could have longer, thicker lashes and now I am an addict. Thank you for giving the chance to test your science."

gabrielle expamle

"My lashes are noticeably longer on both top and bottom. I have even had friends and co-workers comment on them. I think they are darker too! The Brow Serum definitely filled in my brows and made them thicker. I am excited to get them waxed with the arch I always see in the magazines."

sidley expamle

"The product has worked well for me with both the upper and lower lashes. The upper eventually eliminated stray colorless lashes for an abundant lashes of intense color. The lower lashes are now coming in thicker with color as well.
I used the Brow Serum on my diminishing /thinning eyebrows which also were losing their color. The brows are growing in with profusion and definition. The color has returned as well. You will have to let me know where to get more!."

lucinda expamle

"Mascara was a staple - I simply wouldn't leave the house without it. My lashes have always been kind of thin. To make matters worse my lashes had blonde tips. Over the years I found myself trying everything- dyes, glue-on fakes, extensions- all of which seemed to end up irritating my eyes (red was not the look I was going for!). I avoided these kind of products due to the dangers I’d heard about and then a friend convinced me to try this. My lashes are thicker and darker with no irritation. For the first time since I began wearing makeup I'm leaving home sans mascara! The product really works!"

jackie expamle

"When I was standing in line at a store, a lady that was across from me commented on my lashes. She couldn't believe that they "had their own shadow" and were 100% natural."

sallie expamle

"I love the product because at last, I can flutter my eyelashes which I never could do before. I feel more feminine with longer lashes. Will definitely continue to use this product."

andrea expamle

"This is my new must-have beauty product! When I finished up the tube I couldn't go a single day without replacing it! My lashes look amazing and I want to keep them that way!"